About Sylvia


After receiving 3 Deeksha blessings in 2006 I went into an ecstatic state that lasted for over a week and I've been gratefully involved ever since, being blessed to have given Deekshas to thousands of people.

The grace received through Deeksha has truly changed everything about the way I experience life. I look forward to experiencing Oneness with you...

"The mind creates the abyss, and the heart crosses it."
– Sri Nisargadatta



Some Comments

Tonight was so beautiful. As always I so enjoy your loving powerful deeksha blessings. Thank you for your commitment to being of service for others and the blessings of Deeksha.

You may not know me well, but your voice has impacted me greatly at numerous kirtan gatherings. much gratitude dear sister!

On the nights I get Deeksha, I just love to come home and just BE in the energy, always puts me in a grace state, safe, clear, peaceful, present...and I have noticed that not only is my reactivity abating and responsivity more accessible, but also an inner voice of me is being hear more frequently BEFORE I say or do something...I always envied people who said they could here this little inner voice and I felt bad I didn't get one...yet now a inner dialogue of a aspect of me pipes up and I hear it and am paying attention to what it is saying...

I love the feeling of your essence and spirit, spirit flows with you.

Thank you dear Sister, for being such an incredible Light and Guide in our community...I am so blessed to be here now with you.

You give so much...and I've had some profound experiences ... it's beautiful and feels incredibly powerful but so serene.

Thank you so much for providing such a peaceful service.